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Deep End Team on Oahu

Shaun Ross, Danny Tumia, and Tyler Martin, recently took a trip to skate with Hawaii local Billy Fortier.  The boys were frothing and got straight into a session off the plane.  Street spots, demos, and private bowls... nothing was left unskated.

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New Music Tuesday #13 - Coachella: Pumped or Bummed?

The Sector 9 Rock Team is going... are you?  If so, which bands are you pumped on and which bands are you bummed on? 

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Tattoosday #25 - A Random Ecuadorian

Some random dude from Ecuador came up to Niner Jon Steele and said he liked his hat. Then he pulled up his shirt and showed Jon his ink, we appreciate that, down for life!

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Downhill Division Dominates Guajataka, Puerto Rico

Amongst drama and rain, the Downhill Division came through with many a podium.  Here's the results.:

Mens open : AJ Haiby 1st

Slide Jam :  Louis Pilloni - 1st

Masters :  Jeff Budro - 1st

Mens Pro:  Jomar Guzman - 2nd,  Mack Wacey - 3rd

Juniors : Chance Gaul - 6th

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Joel Tudor Speaks

S9’s Joel Tudor gives us some insightful thoughts on everything from surfing to scamming… it or get choked out!:

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Guajataka Downhill 2013

Thousands of people will descend upon Quebradillas, Puerto Rico this weekend to watch hundreds of riders, including the Sector 9 Downhill Division, smash down their hills! The S9 crew representing will be solid, and we look forward to a great event!

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Ryland Rubens in Nicaragua

Why is it that 14 year old aspiring professional surfers have more stamps in their passports than we do?  In with the new, I guess. Regardless we are very stoked to see Ryland shredding up Nicaragua and hope he takes us with him next time!

Nicaragua with Ryland Rubens from Ryland Rubens on Vimeo.

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Kyle Thiermann Saving the World Again

Our favorite eco warrior, Kyle, headed down to Nicaragua to film his next Surfing for Change video. There he set out to show the world how surf tourism can have a positive impact on the local cultures. We cant wait to see the full length video, and Kyle... you’re the man!