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Downhill Division Update

Sector 9’s Jomar Guzman of Puerto Rico takes gold for the 2nd year in a row at the Jacagua Downhill Race in Dominican Republic… He has won his last three races in a row... Jomar is on fire!!!

Video: SkateHouseMedia

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Bill Walton Throws Praise!

Down at S9 HQ we had the pleasure of hearing legendary basketball player Bill Walton speak. Here he is in all his glory, sweating, and giving us some classic inspiring stories!  

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Field Gear Now Available!

When you embark on a skate mission you have to be prepared for anything. With the NEW Field Accessory Line you can bring everything and anything you might need with you on the road!

Extra decks, wheels, griptape, Coors Light, GoPro, skate tool, bearing lube, laptop, Budweiser, food, helmet, gloves, Shoe Goo, clothes, sunglasses, clown wig, camera, memory cards, pen, paper, picture of your grandma, Tecate and so much more... all held by your Field Gear!

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S9 Crushes Menlo Park

For the third year running, Northern California's favorite downhill jam returned to Menlo Park. Featuring a closed road, ramps, rails, music, food and fun, this year was better then ever! With over 100 skaters and even more specators, there was never a dull moment.  And to top it all off Louis and Chance both took 1st place!!

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6th Annual Skate The Coast Fundraiser!

Breast Cancer has been a plaguing our society for far too long, and now is your chance to help out by skateboarding 18 miles!! The 6th annual Skate The Coast fundraiser is coming up next week and Team Sector 9 is raising funds! Help out by donating to, or joining our team here!:

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3rd Annual Menlo Park Jam

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Downhill Division in Europe

Sector 9 and The RAD Crew toured Europe this summer and hit all the contests, slept in fields, drank wine because it was cheaper, and had one hell of a good time. Here’s a little glimpse into life on the road with the teams.

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Just Like Tanner

These days it’s not uncommon to hear kids reference older obscure bands, dress like greasers, and decorate their bedrooms like music studios.  Then you have a kid like Tanner Rozunko who actually plays music, knows his way around a record shop, and kills it on land or sea. So go ahead and talk about how your just like Tanner...