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Downhill Division: Jake's Rash and Britannia Classic

The week long festivities of The Attack of Danger Bay has finally come to an end after ten days and three races. The Sector 9 team put in a strong showing with a 2nd and 5th place finish at Danger Bay, 3rd at Jake's Rash and 4th and 8th at the Britannia Classic.

This is what a trailer of 10 skater's gear looks like.

The Canadian weather did it's best to hold the rain from pouring down, giving us 2 out of 3 dry races, but at Jake's Rash the clouds opened up putting puddles on the course.

The finals were extremely tight with the rain pouring harder than before. Jacko stays in the draft for a pass.

Jackson didn't let the rain slow him down and he worked his way to a 3rd place finish.

A little bit of moisture in the air didn't keep scare away any of the hard core skaters.

Ozzies Gabe and Jacko holding down the tent at Gold Rush.

George Mackenize took 4th and Louis Pilloni 8th at the Britannia Classic. Here's Louis leading the consolation finals before finding the hay bails.

You know you got a gem when you find a spot like this.

Dave sipping on some coffee on the 20 hour drive home.

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Another Beschen?!?!

Noah Beschen brings that classic family style back to San Clemente for the summer. Growing up on the North Shore its no wonder he looks so comfortable dropping in on people. Big smile, big future.

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Daniel Graham wins El Torneo de Longboard Surfing

One thing learned on our latest Baja run is if you’re going to drive through desert salt flats at 80 mph with a dog named Macho, its best to do it listening to Electronic music turned to 11.  San Juanico is quite a hike from San Diego, but the sleepy fishing town holds some seriously fun point surf.  Sector 9ers Daniel Graham, Drake Stanley, Rob Molt (and Macho of course) made it down for the sweet little Mexican surf fiesta, "El Torneo de Longboard Surf".  Thanks to the folks of San Juanico, Manuel, the hut at the Burro, and the La Paz party crew for the great times... and thanks to Macho for the help through the Federale check points on the way home. Viva Mexico!

More surf shots from Slide Magazine:

Drake Stanley, Rob Molt, and the champ... Daniel Graham DG, aka "pinche Flacco". Daniel donated the board to the locals and kept the pancho.

Tecate's, tequila, and Caballeros... hard to top that party.

Pancho barrels to cap off the night...

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Downhill Divison: Attack of Danger Bay X

Canada's longest standing downhill race, The Attack of Danger Bay, had it's 10th year this past weekend as over 200 racers battled it out. Congratulations to  S9's Jackson Shapiera and Scott Smith for taking 2nd and 5th place.

Jacko with his silver medal and cash prize.

Scoot fought his way to the consolation final to take 5th place in his hometown of Pender Harbor.

Ripping threw the infamous 'Carnage Corner'. At Jackson's first Danger Bay, he had to be airlifted out after crashing in this turn.

At the campfire relaxing after a day of racing.

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Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

American singer/songwriter, poet, protest anthem maker, painter, folk hero, original punker, and figurehead of social unrest, Bob Dylan turns 70 today!!!!!!

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Erica Hosseini on the Gold Coast

Erica Hosseini Baby-G Watches from TINSTAAFL Productions on Vimeo.

Sector 9 Surfer, Erica Hosseini, spent 2 months down in Australia surfing the Gold Coast and doing photo shoots. This video from Baby-G watches was filmed while she was there and gives us a look into her time in the Southern Hemisphere... enjoy!

Renowned singer/songwriter Greg Graffin of the immensely influential rock band Bad Religion has just finished a sold-out tour and in the coming months will be addressing a slightly quieter though no less rapt audience. Graffin has a second career as an esteemed author and academic. The venerated punk icon obtained a PhD in zoology from Cornell University, has served as a lecturer in life sciences and paleontology at UCLA and recently published a best selling science memoir entitled Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science and Bad Religion in a World Without God which was heralded by the Chicago Tribune as "A worldview eloquently expressed".  In the coming months Graffin will shift his talents to the revered Ivy League institution of Cornell University where he will be teaching Evolution in the fall semester.

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Ugly Americans Tour: Gold Coast Surf Trip